As it is well known during W.W. II, Tito, under the guidance of Stalin, and in accordance with the communist parties of the east bloc and the clear expansionist aims of the Slavs to reach in the Mediterranean waters, named the southern part of Yugoslavia ‘Macedonia’, which until that time was called Vardaska, .This was confirmed by Edward R. Stettinius the U.S. Secretary of State, at that time, in his memorandum to the U.S. embassies in 1944 in which he stated that the State Department noted with particular concern the propaganda and the statements regarding an independent Macedonia coming from Bulgaria and Yugoslavia [Tito] which aimed to threaten Greek territories .The Government of the United States ,he stated, regarded the possibility of the creation of a Macedonian nation or country ,as unjustified demagoguery as it did not represent either a national or political reality ,but only aimed in reviving aggression against Greece.

After the collapse of the Socialistic Block and the dissolution of the Yugoslavia Federation ,and having the support of the European Union it ,became an independent state without possessing all the legal presuppositions, according to the International Law, which are conditions sine qua non ,for the creation of an independent state . Following this fact Greece under the admonition of the European Union and the U.S. has invested millions of dollars in all the sectors of that country, by thousand of its enterprises.

The result of this economic support was the stabilization of the new state which in fact, constitutes a mosaic of peoples ,including Slavs, Albanians, Boulgarians, Serbs, etc. And its annual budget was 30.000 dollars ,according to the statement of its first President Kyro Gligorof .

Regardless of the above ,the leadership of this tiny state inspired by chauvinistic ideas, started to act again , as it used to do during the communistic regime. Instead of being grateful to Greece for its support ,they are attempting to steal to abuse and to usurp as their own, the national symbols the legal possessions and the rights of Greece which are inherited to it by its ancient civilization..

Today, as it is well known, the Scopia-FYROM in a totally arbitrary and illegal manner, along with constitutional provision, gave their country the Greek name Macedonia and to themselves the name Macedonians. In any case, this given name is illegal and cannot be accepted by the International Community, because the Scopians have no historical, archeological, cultural, geographical, political or legal rights.

Consequently, the self definition of their country’s name as Republic of Macedonia is null and void for the following reasons :

1. It contradicts the principles of Equality and Justice, which constitute common law, which means compulsory, in comparison to its neighbor country Greece which possesses, multiple rights over F.y.r.o.m and is occupying 71% of the historical Macedonian territory, which is inhabited by 2.650.000 Greek Macedonians., although the Scopians possess only the 17% of the historical macedonian territory and the majority of its population ,of this region, has always been Greek (Hellenes), although they were forced to be dishellenelized by the communist regime.Also Bulgarians occupy 11% of Macedonia and Albanians the 1% of it.

2. It abuses the legal, cultural and hereditary products of Greece according to the international treaty of UNESCO of 1970, which was confirmed by the Greek Law providing that: history, civilization and the leading personalities of a country, constitute cultural products protected by the international treaties such as, the treaty of Amsterdam and the General Rules of Legality, which are accepted by all the civilized nations of the world and, in general, the international customary and conventional law, which is applied by the International Court of Justice.

3. It violates the United Nations decision, according to which the country of the Scopians had been accessed as a member of .U.N., under the temporary name F.Y.R.O.M. this was agreed between Greece and FYROM, also in New York in 1995, whom Scopia accepted the name FYROM and the common law pacta sund servanda

4. It undermines the International Legality because, by using the Greek name Macedonia, F.Y.RO.M attempts to legalize its illegal and criminal attitude against the peoples of our country, which started in 1944 by Tito and Stalin, by intervening in the internal affairs of Greece and by offering help, to the so-called “democratic army” of the revolutionary communist party and by capturing 28000 Greek children and deporting them to countries in the communist block. They committed , the crime, of genocide. This event was verified by the decisions of the Security Council .Nevertheless their attempt to legalize this illegal act cannot be accepted, because it contradicts the Conventions for the crimes against the Humanity, the General Principles of Law, as well as the principle of ex turbi causa non oritur action, which is valid since the Roman period. It has been incorporated in the Anglosaxon law and it is accepted by all the civilized nations of the world, meaning that, from the injustice and the illegality law and justice, cannot be derived . This principle is applied by the International Court of Justice.

5. It attempts to legalize the falsification of our history in order to usurp our history, our civilization and the great historical personalities of Greece such as King Philippos, Alexander the Great, etc. all of whom constitute significant cultural elements of our country .The former Scopian Slav leaders have admitted, that Macedonians are Greeks (Hellenes) and distinguished themselves , one thousand years before the appearance of their ancestors in the Balkan region and that their identity is Slavs.[see the declarations of Kiro Glegorof, Dimitrof, Zaferis, Zelef , Emver Xotza and others.]

6. It pursues to legalize and to support the aggressive propaganda against the territorial integrity of our country [Greece.]. This continuous propaganda, which has been going on for many decades against Greece, violates the international legality, the United Nations Charter, the Helsinki Final Act, The Paris Chart, etc.

7. It misleads the International Community by using the Greek name “Macedonia”, which is derived from the Greek words “Makednon” and “Makos”. The fact that the name “Macedonia” has been used by the Greeks for thousand years and this is an unquestionable historical fact, it means that this name belongs to the Greeks according to the rule possessio longi temporis. This historical fact, the Scopians, are trying to abolish by constant propaganda in order to usurp the Greek -Macedonian civilization ,as their own,. Their legal name must concentrate and depict their Slavic identity ,as for instance , southslavia, yougoslavia ,vardasca, vitovina ,skopian,etc, but not Macedonia which is Greek in every way.

8. Finally, the Scopians claim the Greek name Macedonia, as their constitutional name, In order to justify their illegal attitude and to avoid any probable consequences. Nevertheless Greece has the potential to appeal to the International Community and to condemn this Scopian attitude, because this act is contradictory to their duties and obligations which derive from their membership to the United Nations and the other International Organizations. Unfortunately, these illegal action are tolerated by a number of States and even by some Greek officials and non-officials, either because of ignorance, submissiveness or economic interest.. This attitude supports the legalization or the forgiveness of the Scopians, who do not cease even for one day to create problems to Greece and to claim the Macedonia territory, up to the Mount of Olympus ,as their own.

Consequently, I would like, to draw your attention to the subsequent resolutions of the International Courts which have declared that no country has the right to make use of its constitution in order to avoid its international obligations which are derived from the treaties and the conventions, the international customary law, the membership of the United Nations or any other international organizations and further more to avoid the penalties and consequences derived from its violations. This is confirmed in the cases of the Alabama claim, the Greco-Bulgarian communities, the Polis national case, etc. Therefore, the Scopian Constitution cannot supercede the International Treaties, the International Law and the resolutions of the International Courts.

In conclusion, all the Scopian- F.Y R.O.M claims, as well as their recognition by the other countries, which as political actions, do not constitute legal obligations for the international community and thus they should not influence the Greek government and the Mediator of U.N. Mr. Nimits, in view of the new round of negotiations. Mr. Nimits has the obligation to reorient its mediation policy from the beginning and to take in consideration the above presented ,cases law, which constitute the international legality ....