In the light of an anarchic international community, the achievement of the goal towards a stable and equal economic growth which will contribute to the eradication of poverty, presupposes certain measures: 1] the establishment of a social,economic and political proper conditions 2] the application of the fundamental principles derived from the U.N. Charter, as President Harry Truman declared 3] the example of the ancient Greek political philosophy had taught, by Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and others.

The application of the following principles is necessary :

A] On the International level.
1. The guarantee for International Peace and security and the international legality with no discrimination.
2. 2) The principles of justice and equality which constitute the highest values of mankind as well as the basic rules of the U.N. Charters,for societies
3) The protection and promotion of the human rights (political, economical, cultural, e.t.c.)
4) The revival of the humanistic values against greed of the economic interests and the need of a new ethical education of youth and societies.
5) Equal exploitation and distribution of the wealth,among the people which they concern .

B) On the national level
1) The support by the international community ,for a long time of period, and the acceptance of a stable socioeconomic and democratic political system ,which will offer equal opportunities for progress to all.
2) The safeguard of the social cohesion of the communities and to prevent any manifestations, which cause handicaps and provoke any economic progress.
3) The restriction of the over-consuming society, the overproduction of technological, electronic, and digital devices, which increasing, the false needs of the people and this over-consumption leads to poverty.
4) The return and secure the self-sufficient production, for the under developing countries for basic food and to take advantage of agriculture ,cattle breeding, fishing, etc.
5) The increasing of financing up to 3% at least, of the budget of each wealth country, for the benefit of the poor countries.
6) The promotion of ethical values and the condemnation of any unethical activity, in order to eradicate the corruption of the leadership.
7) The establishment of an International Committee under the auspice of the U.N. which will be in charge to collect and distribute the surplus of the goods produced by the wealthy countries to the needy .